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About the planning committee

Eccleshall Parish Council Planning Committee and consideration of planning applications

The Planning Committee consists of all the members of the Parish Council and the quorum for a meeting is five members. The present chairman is Councillor Bryan Delanchy and the Vice-chairman is Councillor Stuart Perren.

Meetings of the Planning Committee are generally held every two weeks on a Wednesday. This is because applications have to be considered by the Parish Council within 21 days of receipt. This can reduce to 14 days in the case of amended plans for a previously submitted application. Because of this time constraint, the decisions of the Planning Committee are not subject to the approval of the full Council.

The Parish Council considers planning applications submitted to Stafford Borough Council, which fall within the boundary of the parish. The Borough Council is the local planning authority for this area and it has no statutory obligation to consult the Parish Council on planning applications. It has, however, a policy of consulting widely on applications made to it and the Parish Council is afforded the opportunity of making its opinions known and bringing to the attention of the Borough Council, local issues of which they may not be aware. It is the duty of those on the Parish Council to raise the views and concerns of the residents of the Parish of Eccleshall, both the town and the surrounding area. Parish Councillors, draw on their local knowledge and awareness of local concerns and opinions, to fulfill their obligations, not least of all with regard to planning matters.

If you have a concern about an issue or a specific planning application, please raise the matter with your local Parish Councillor who will be able to raise your concerns at the meeting when the application is discussed. Alternatively, you may attend the meeting yourself and raise your concerns during the public participation session at the start of the meeting. It must be pointed out, however, that any concerns that parishioners have with regard to a specific planning application must also be made directly to the Borough Council, as it is this body that finally determines the application. The Parish Council works closely with the Borough Councillors who represent Eccleshall. These Councillors are able to “call in” applications for determination by the Development Control Sub-Committee. Otherwise, most applications are determined by the officers of the council, who interpret the requirements of the Local Plan.

Where there are several residents opposed to a scheme each individual should write to the Borough Council with their concerns – a petition counts as only 1 objection regardless of the number of signatories.